Me Cold, You Warm

“What happened?” he asked – pointing at the PG&E bill.  Not again.  Every month, we squabble over the same thing.  “Remember, I work at home.  I get cold.  I turn on the heater.”  His pedantic retort, “Put on a sweater.” 

I explained that if he stopped staring at the bill long enough to look at me, he would see that I was wearing a jacket IN THE HOUSE.  Under the jacket, I had a sweater and long-sleeved shirt.  Plus, I was wearing a pair of his man-socks and shoes.  Alas, I was still cold.

Me being cold is a common theme here at homestead.  One year, my parents presented me with an early Christmas present – my very own Snuggie.  I love how my parents still find ways to take care of me – without regard to my age or concern about the numerous fashion violations that I rack up simply by donning the frock of fleece.  

To my husband’s defense, he regularly refers to me as a well-oiled machine (nice PR move on his part).  At 72 degrees – I am freezing.  At 80 – I am burning up.  From 76 to 78 degrees, I hum and purr.  In other words – no complaining about my internal temp.  And, he’s right. 

However, that doesn’t account for his Fred Mertz tendencies upon the arrival of the monthly PG&E bill.  Apparently, he’s not the only man who runs hot when it comes to the power bill.   “Turns out, there’s a biological explanation behind this heated battle at the thermostat,” reports CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella.

Women conserve more heat around their core organs than our counterparts (alas, warm heart).  Since women carry less fat and muscle mass than men, our bodies need to be more efficient in protecting our core body temperature.

Vindication at long last!  

Mark Newton, a long-time scientist at the Gore-Tex company, says that women really do feel the cold more than men, because we are better at conserving heat than men.  The result – less blood flows to their hands and feet (alas, cold feet). 

I won’t digress into a men-versus- women argument.  I won’t dare suggest that our bodies are more efficient or that we are biologically superior in protecting our vital organs.   I wouldn’t think to do such a thing … well, that is until next month’s bill arrives.

2 Responses to “Me Cold, You Warm”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Loved your post! My husband is the same way — can’t understand why I’m cold all the time. I’m happiest during the winter, with a space heater at my feet (even with the central heater on)!

    • michelefajeau Says:

      Oh , Suzanne. The space heater is my favorite. I’d give up my phone before I’d let them take the mini heater!

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