Story Time!

I’m hunched over the bath tub – elbow deep – washing kid #2. I yell through the walls for kid #1 to brush teeth and choose stories! “I’ll be there momentarily.” It’s the same EVERY night, and it’s the part of my life that I absolutely love.

It’s been roughly 8 years since my son chewed Mr. Brown Can Moo into an unreadable mound of mulch. Since that time, we’ve read thousands of stories – some over and over and over again. We mark the years of our life by our faves – The Lady with the Alligator Purse, Tub Time, Wild About Books, Miss. Mingo’s First Day of School, Magic Tree House, Paleo Joe’s Detective Series and so many more.

My husband I have also been known to celebrate “the bad” too. Like the end of the “all Dora, all the time” era. We were secretly thrilled when our 4 year old declared that “Dora is dumb,” and that we could bequeath the 20-odd paperback books to her baby cousin. We had a LONG and happy Dora run and then, it was done.

Funny, happy, interesting, exasperating – reading out loud with my children has been an unexpected journey of joy.

With our youngest, she chooses picture books and points out letters, numbers and a few site words. Mostly, we just cuddle, read and ready for slumber. For my son, listening to him read mysteries, fiction and classics is simply amazing. I’m learning all kinds of stuff that I probably should have already known. If my hubby and I switch kids in the middle of a chapter book, I sneak into his room the next day to read whatever I missed.

At “Read Out Loud,” I will detail the good and bad of children’s literature – including some unfiltered comments by kid #1 and kid #2. I’ll review my favorite kid books and celebrate the laughter, humanity and curiosity that each new story brings into our home and hearts.

Occasionally, I’ll muse about motherhood, building a business, and other findings that have yet to show themselves to me. There will be guilt, worry and some gushing (the trifecta of motherhood!). Of course, all of this assumes that I can figure out the technical ins and outs of blogging. Alas, the learning never ends.

Next up – good reads for the week.

P.S. The name for my new fangled blog is still up for review/discussion.  Apparently, I’m coming at this blogging gig a little late.  All my super-clever names were taken. Not unlike naming a baby!


4 Responses to “Story Time!”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Love it! Can’t to read the next blog!

  2. Katie Says:

    I love the blog!! Love the name too:)

  3. Marianne Says:

    Thanks for sharing this gem :)!

  4. Julie Lutes Says:

    Loved it Big Lovey! Can’t wait for the next one. Makes me want to be there too!
    Lots of Love,

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